Selma Blair: Stellar Celebrity Street Style

Selma Blair Street Style


We know it’s summer and with the mid-day heat, who wants to bundle up? However it is still quite nippy in the mornings and especially at night when the sun sets and the air cools down. Instead of having the deal with the hassle of carrying around a bulky jacket, just throw on a simple scarf! Tie it loose for a light coverup, or wrap it around a few times for when the stars come out!

Ms. Selma Blair shows us how to sport a casual and easy going summer outfit. We vote her for this weeks stellar celebrity street style.

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Sun Vacation Must Haves

Sun Vacation Must Haves

Before you zip up your luggages and jet set to your favourite sunny destination, just remember to pack these top 5 essentials so that you have a non-stop stellar trip! These are without a doubt the sun vacation must haves!

1. Waterproof and sweat proof sunscreen

No matter how much you want to deny it, we’re all sweat-ers. Especially when going to a hot and humid destination. I know its yucky and no one wants to admit their body does it, but wIll break the bad news to you and tell you to do. The number one most important thing to pack is waterproof and sweatproof sunscreen. And lots of it. You’ll be thanking me later after you jump in and out of the ocean 5 times in one hour. My favourite type on the shelves right now is Neutrogena Beach Defense. It’s quite light and soaks into the skin pretty well. It also has a nice light scent to it! Whichever brand you choose, just pack a lot of it.

2. Aloe Vera

I’ll be honest and tell you that this was one thing I thought of packing, and hugely regret not following through. My skin doesn’t usually burn, which is why I didn’t bring it (that and the fact that it would add weight to my limited luggage space). However after just a few short days of beach bumming, Mother Nature sure did show me how strong she was. So bring Aloe!!! Even if you’re one of those ‘people who never burn’.

3. 2+ Beach flip flops

Bring AT LEAST two pairs of water and beach appropriate flip flops. I only brought one thinking that it would be my one style suits all for each beach day. Unfortunately, my favourite pair conveniently broke on day 1 of the trip! So lesson learned. Bring at least two!

4. Machine washable beach bag

No matter how careful you are, sand gets everywhere. It’ll surprise you how it can find its way into the hidden nitty gritty corners of all of your belongings. Make sure you bring a bag that is easy to clean and don’t mind getting wet. Also be aware that many hot sun destinations are quite humid. So avoid leather bags that are sticky and uncomfortable under the sun.

5. Powder Makeup

To avoid shininess and maintain a smooth facial appearance throughout the day, stick to powders. They help to soak up any oil and sweat, and won’t melt off your face like liquid makeup does.

Above all, have fun! Time to treat yourself after a long hard winter, now go and enjoy the sunshine!

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A Stellar Supper: Stuffed Chicken

Stuffed Chicken Recipe

Here is an easy step by step stellar recipe for Stuffed Chicken. Once you make this, your boyfriend, hubby, girlfriend, wife, or roommate will love you for the rest of the night. If you’re lucky, they may even offer to do your laundry as a thank you exchange for the delicious dinner. (No guarantees, but here’s for hoping!)

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