Friday How To: Super Fast & Easy Dinner!

This is a super fast dinner I like to make when I either don’t have a lot of time, or we’re low on groceries in the house (you know how it is…) Here it is: super fast tuna pesto pasta. 

You need: 

3 cups of pasta (uncooked) 

2 cups of milk

1 tablespoon of flour

1 tablespoon of pesto



1 can of tuna 

Worcestershire sauce

Tabasco Sauce (optional) 

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Start by cooking your pasta until it is Al Dente, or still a bit firm. 

While the pasta is still cooking, take your milk and whisk the tablespoon of flour into the milk. 

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Also, you can use this time to drain your can of tuna and rinse it a little. 

Drain the pasta, then immediately put it back into the still warm pot and put it back on the stove. 

Turn the stove heat to medium, and add the milk/flour mixture to the pot 

Add the pesto and the tuna and  to the pasta and stir everything together. 

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Wait about 10 minutes, stirring continuously, or until the milk starts to thicken. 

Add your salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce to taste. Also, this would be where you add your Tabasco sauce, if you like a bit of spice. Not too much though, because it’ll make your sauce sour.  

Serve when the sauce is a consistently creamy and coating the pasta evenly.  

And there you have it. Creamy, delicious, and super easy. 

We like ours with a fresh salad 🙂 


Okay, so the beauty of this meal is that it’s super fast and the tuna can be substituted with just about anything. Leftover chicken? Extra fish from last night? Frozen shrimp? Go ahead, toss that in. If it’s cooked leftover stuff, toss it in after you add the milk to the cooked pasta. Otherwise, cook meat like raw chicken breasts separately and add them at the step where you would normally add the tuna. 

Personally, I love this pasta with chicken and a bit of fresh, chopped up tomato added just before the sauce is done cooking. 

If you’re vegetarian, try this with butternut squash or zucchini, which are both delicious. 

Another thing to try: if you don’t like creamy sauces or you’re lactose intolerant, try skipping the milk and flour mixture and squeezing a lemon through after you’ve added the tuna. 

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